2020年 1月 7日

“How to develop tradition so that it spreads globally.” Local enterprise “Global Niche strategy of local companies” is greatly favoured.


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Retiring from a stable local civil servant, succeeding my wife’s family business, Hiyoshiya of Kyowa Gasa. In Spite of high chance of failure of traditional business with an income of only 1billion, I have managed to lead Hiyoshiya to success.

The content covers history of us and Hiyoshiya as we experienced twists and turns until we were finally able to overcome obstacles and successfully expand sales range to more than 100 nations overseas. The know-how and experiences are concentrated to a simple history, covering the method “Next Market-in”method that we applied to as TCI Research Institution which lead to success. We are currently working on practical product development, sales diversity development, business production methods and more.
From conception to completion, this is a book that took over two years to write while I was still unfamiliar to writing.


I believe that this book will serve as a reference for work related to overseas development of Japanese traditional crafts, craftsmen, designers, managers, consultants, producers and many others.

If you are even slightly interested in these topics, please read it.