Kinu-Hi-Gasa (Kinu-Mai-Gasa)

Kinu-Hi-Gasa is unique for the beautiful “see through” look. Not only that it can be used for blocking out the sun, it is also used to as a decorative item that can be matched up with Kimono as well as for special occasions such as KImono- weddings which was highly rated. It is perfect and a unique present for an important person.

  • You can separate the umbrella
    in to two and make it compact.

  • Easy to carry around.

  • Inserting name or Family crest (Kamei) is available
SOU・SOU×Hiyoshiya Wa-Hi-Gasa

Collaboration Nuno-Higasa (japanese cotton parasol) with Kyoto brand “SOU ・ SOU”;
which produces and sells Jika-Tabi, kimonos, furnitures etc,
using original textile created based on the concept of modern design inspired by Japanese tradition.
The product is compact and waterproof making of Hi-Wagasa (parasol) handy for modern lifestyle.

  • SO-SU-U

  • Hana

  • Square

  • SO-SU-U Suzaku

  • Hana/Odamaki

  • Square/Semi

  • Easy to carry with style case
    and separational handle (screw type)