Special Ban-Gasa

Special Ban-Gasa uses top quality materials and make use of its unique texture which gives specialty to the product. It can be used for both Traditional Japanese Clothing (Wafuku) and for modern clothing (Youfuku), and is greatly favoured, especially by men.

  • Black and white washi is used
    on the part to hold the umbrella

  • a refined design using black eves.

  • Inserting name or Family crest (Kamei) is available

Sashikake means an umbrella that is held. As the name makes the purpose obvious, Sashikake is a type of umbrella that is for the companion to hold for their masters of nobility, monk or priest.
In recent years, Sashikake is used for wedding ceremonies and many other purposes including daily usage. It is smaller and lighter than Tsuma-Ori-Nodate-Gasa and can be handled easily. The design is close to Ban-gasa which is unique for simple and elegant design with straight edge.

  • Inserting name or Family crest (Kamei) is available